NAHEDO is an NGO formed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals comprising medical specialists in psychiatry, medicine, gynecology, pediatrics, dermatology, pharmacy, nutrition, nursing, psychology, social work, VCT counselors, environmental scientist and other experts who have years of experience in prevention and care for HIV infected and affected. NAHEDO is registered by the NGO council Of Kenya, to operate in Nyanza, Eastern, Western and Nairobi Provinces

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Dr. Margaret Mak'anyengo



Dr. Margaret Makanyengo is an established consultant psychiatrist with a Master in medicine, psychiatry, and specialized in adolescent, child and family care, and experienced in HIV/AIDS psychological care in Kenyatta National Hospital. She manages mental health services and initiated the ‘Comprehensive care for HIV/AIDS infected concept’ in KNH. She contributed to the establishment of the’ Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Care clinic in KNH on December 2002’ which is now the model HIV/AIDS clinic in Kenya.

She was instrumental in developing with others, the National HIV/AIDS comprehensive adult and pediatric HIV care curriculums for training health care workers in HIV management. She is currently the chairperson of the NASCOP subcommittee looking at psychosocial care in pediatric HIV/AIDs at NASCOP. She recently coordinated the pediatric HIV/AIDS psychosocial curriculum development workshop funded by CDC and Kenya Pediatric Association.

 She was in the forefront, together with others, in training over 200 health care workers on HIV/AIDS comprehensive care management in programs funded by World Health Organization (WHO) and Center of Disease Control (CDC). As head of patient support Center she has coordinated in training over 600 health care worker on stigma reduction, adherence counseling and pediatric HIV counseling  from 2004 to 2006 June.

She collaborated with Ministry Of Health and other key players to develop and improve curricula in Voluntary Testing and Counseling, Diagnostic Testing and Counseling and Prevention of Mother to Child transmission. She has   facilitated in the training of over 100 health care workers from Government and faith based health organizations funded by NGOs. .She is currently a training consultant in PMTCT and HIV/AIDS care with several international organizations.
She has performed consultancy services for United Nations Mission in Sierra Leone and United Nations Development Program in Somaliland as a psychiatrist and stress management consultant. She coordinated the stress management exercise in KNH during the Nairobi Bomb Blast on 7/8/98 and the Athi River Train Tragedy in 2000. She currently coordinates the Gender Based Violence (GBV) post rape care program in KNH under the Pathfinder International program funded by USAID. In this program she has par5ticipated in training over 500 hospital staff on post rape care and Gender based violence. She is currently the program lead in HIV psychosocial care and support services in the CDC funded program (PACT CoE) in KNH.
She is one of the consultants who participated in 2008, in the first study in Kenya on the use of Misoprostol(Cytotec) as an abortificient. This study which targeted the urban and periurban areas of Nairobi was done by the National Health and Development Organization (NAHEDO) in collaboration with IPAS.  She is currently participating in a follow-up study with NAHEDO funded by WHO on building capacity of Pharmacists to handle clients requesting for abortificients..

She has redefined a clearly established role of psychiatrist’s in general medical practice and reproductive and sexual health.




1991                University Of Nairobi, Medical School M.Med.Psych (masters)
1985                University Of Nairobi, medical school                                                                                                                                                                                                     Mb.CH.B (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery)




2002                Course in Early Child Development, Haifa, Israel (May –Jun) 4                                                             Weeks
2000                University Of Cape Town, South Africa. (Adolescent and Child Psychiatry).  (Feb-Apr)

1998 (Sep)      Zimbabwe Institute of Systemic Therapy (One-Month                                                                 Counseling Certificate Course)


2000                Attachment in University Of Cape Town on Adolescent and Child Psychiatry. (Feb-Apr)     


2009                Participated in 2 week training in Sexual Assault Forensic Examination (SAFE)
2007                Trained in Gender based violence and post rape care management
1999                Attended a trauma and psychology workshop sponsored by USAIDI (Aug)

2001                Participated in disaster preparedness and management seminar at Kenya institute of administration (March)


2007                Participated in the development of  the Pediatric HIV/AIDS Psychosocial and Counseling curriculum for health care workers for both CRS and Ministry Of Health (NASCOP).
2005                Participated in 5 day course in Pediatrics HIV/AIDS management for senior doctors.
2004                Attended a workshop in Training in consultancy in health care sector by center for family studies (5-16th July)
2003                She attended a 4 day workshop for workplace HIV/AIDS program in Johannesburg

2003                She attended a   comprehensive HIV/AIDS care training in KNH

1998 Sep         She attended a one-month course on systemic HIV/AIDS counseling in Zimbabwe



2012                She was appointed by the human rights Organization Kenya Chapetr to compile reports for the Mau Mau veterans who were tortured during the emergency period in Kenya ( 1952 to 1961)

2005 Jan         Joined University of Nairobi as an honorary lecturer in the Department of Psychiatry, College Of Health Sciences.

2000                Performed forensic psychiatric assessment of a patient in Somaliland, on behalf of UNDP Somalia (October)

1998                 Participated in training and caring for bomb blast patients of august 7 1998

1998                Presented in a workshop during the annual American psychiatric association conference in Toronto, Canada.

1997 May       Attended the American psychiatric association annual meeting in California, San Diego where update courses on the latest developments in psychiatric disorders were presented.

1992-1995 Jan            Psychiatrist in-charge, South Nyanza district                    
Coordinated curative services, counseling and outreach programmers                                                  on mental health, HIV-aids etc. participated in training of nursing                                                         students in the homebody nursing school.

1991-1992       Psychiatrist, Mathare Mental Hospital.                              

1988-1991       Psychiatric registrar in the masters of Medicine program. Mathare mental hospital


2010                Project Manager of the USAID supported Gender Based Violence Center in Kenyatta National Hospital
2009                Visited Thuthuzela Gender Care Centers in Pretoria, South Africa, under Pathfinder International/USAID funding to learn from them
2008                Chaired several meetings of a Gender Based Violence WJEI committee to develop a joint work plan and coordination under Ministry Of justice and constitutional affairs to coordinate post rape care services

2008                Coordinating the IDP and post election violence trauma counseling program for survivors attending Patient Support center in KNH

2007                Coordinated the psychological and trauma counseling program for KQ and airport staff affected by the KQ Douala plane crash.

2000                Headed a civilian stress management team to Sierra Leone under United Nations Peace Keeping Mission, to assist military troupes released from hostage situations. (Jun-jul)

1998-1999       Coordinated a psychological trauma intervention programmed for victims of the august 1998 terrorist bomb explosion (at the American embassy in Nairobi) in Kenyatta national hospital.

Headed civilian stress management team from Kenyatta National Hospital, to assist the Athi River train tragedy victims (Sep)

1994                Worked for three months in Hagadera refugee camp with MSF Belgium in northeastern province. (July-sept)
Participated in sensitization the refugee community health workers on how to identify and treat mental illness             



2012                Appointed by NASCOP as a reviewer for the National HIV curriculum
2006                Coordinated the development of the Pediatric HIV counseling curriculum for NASCOP
2006                Attended a 5 day HIV Program management course by UCLA in AMREF headquarters
2005                Organized the development of a 2 day curriculum on adherence counseling for HIV infected patients on ART funded by CDC PEPFAR program.

2005                Participated in the development of the pediatric HIV/AIDS curriculum (January).

2005                Trained in Pediatric ART management by UON and NASCOP funded by FHI

2005                Consultant in pediatric HIV/AIDS training with CDC, MOH and KNH.

2005                Trained by CDC in 3 day Trainer Of Trainers course for PMTCT facilitators funded by CDC

2004                Consultant in PMTCT training with Intra health, NGO dealing with reproductive     health (July)


2004                Coordinated an ongoing KNH HIV/AIDS government sponsored project for staff in strengthening post-test club services for people with HIV/AIDS, networking meetings for collaborators and stigma reduction seminars for staff.

2004                Participated in development of PMTCT curriculum and training of health workers in PMTCT

2003-2004       Participated in developing the national curriculum and training of health workers in world health organization and CDC sponsored program on anti-retroviral training for ministry of health

2001- 2002      Consultancy to federation of Kenya employers, teacher’s service commission, meds and CDC on HIV/AIDS training for institutions in Kenya

1997-2003       Organized annual world aids day and world mental health day activities at Kenyatta national hospital, which were later crowned with outreach health services

1994                Facilitated in training of teachers, health workers and students in counseling, HIV/AIDS and mental health sponsored by U.N.I.C.E.F and AMREF-Homabay district.

1992                Trained by the Red Cross international Organization in HIV/AIDS counseling course

2007                Established the pediatric and adolescent psychiatry clinic in KNH

2006                Established and headed the Gender violence and post rape care center in KNH

2004-2008       Developed the HIV psychosocial care and support program for patients in KNH

2002-2003       Established and headed the comprehensive care services for HIV/AIDS management in KNH

1993 Aug        Coordinated a visit to ‘The Aids Support Organization’ (TASO) in Uganda on behalf of a non-governmental organization (WOWESOK).

 1996 June      Organized a study tour by a team of consultants, nurses and social worker from Kenyatta National Hospital to Uganda to learn how they manage their HIV/AIDS programmers.
1995 Feb.        Joined Kenyatta National Hospital as head of Patient Support Centre and psychiatrist in charge .who’s main duties have been coordination and organization of mental health services in KNH which includes curative, counseling, awareness campaigns and outreach services.



2003                Director of Community Health Foundation, a community based organization undertaking health and development services in Ziwani and other disadvantaged communities in Nairobi
1994                member, Kenya Medical Women Association

1994                attended UNICEF sponsored workshop on           gender sensitive initiatives as a collaborator with a non-governmental organization (GSI).

1994                member, Kenya Medical Association



Makanyengo, M.A., Othieno, C.J. and Okech, V.C.A. (2005): Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry at Kenyatta National Hospital, Nairobi. East African Medical Journal (EAMJ), Volume 82, No.2, 79-84, February.

Othieno, C.J., Okech, V.C.A., Omondi, J.A. and Makanyengo, M.A. (2001):  How Kenyan Physicians Treat Psychiatric Disorders.  East African Medical Journal (EAMJ), Volume 78, No.4, 204-7, April.


2008    Researcher for NAHEDO and IPAS on use of Misoprosol as an abortificient in Nairobi
2011    Assessing the Acceptability and Feasibility of Screening for Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) in Public Health Care Settings in Kenya, Population Council
2012    "Enhancing the capacity of Pharmacists and Pharmacy workers To offer information and referral services on Misoprostol for use in Post-abortion care to clients in Nairobi, Kenya