NAHEDO is an NGO formed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals comprising medical specialists in psychiatry, medicine, gynecology, pediatrics, dermatology, pharmacy, nutrition, nursing, psychology, social work, VCT counselors, environmental scientist and other experts who have years of experience in prevention and care for HIV infected and affected. NAHEDO is registered by the NGO council Of Kenya, to operate in Nyanza, Eastern, Western and Nairobi Provinces

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Dr. John Ong’ech


Dr. John Odero Ong’ech has 19 years’experienceworking  and consulting in Kenya and internationally . He has worked  in the  government , academic institutions  & Non-Government Organizations . He has experience at  Policy ,facility and community levels with a strong record of successful research projects in the area  HIV  Prevention care ,treatmentand in Reproductive Health  as evidenced by peer-reviewed publications, policy guidance, and numerous awards and professional affiliations. 


Tulane University, USA                        MPH       2005       International Health
Nairobi University, Kenya                   MMed    2003       Obstetrics and Gynecology
Nairobi University, Kenya                   MBChB   1993       Medicine and Surgery

Positions and Employments

1993-1995         Medical Officer, Kisumu, Ministry of Health
1995-2003        Senior Medical officer, Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH)
2003-2010        Specialist Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Head HIV Research and Training, KNH
2001 to Date     Director AIDS Beyond 2000(AB2000)-AB200
2003-present    Honorary Lecturer and Senior HIV advisor, University of Nairobi
2005-2009        Senior HIV advisor/Technical Director  EGPAF
2008 to date    Senior Researcher at NAHEDO
2009-present    Country Research point of contact,EGPAF
2010-present    Head of Department, Obstetrics and Gynecology, KNH


Research  support and Experience


WHO-2011/141603-0/C6-TSA-024/FCH/CAH (PI, John Ong’ech)       4/15/2011-4/15/2014
                                                                                                                 USD 500,000
Mobile phone technology for prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV; Acceptability,
Effectiveness and cost
Role: Principal investigator

WHO-A65769       (PI John Ong’ech)20/11/2011-20/12/2012
                                                                                           USD 150,000
Enhancing the capacity of pharmacist and pharmacy workers to offer information and referral services on
Misoprostol for use in post abortion care in Nairobi, kenya
Funded through  National Health and Development Organization (NAHEDO)

Role ; Principal  investigator


CDC –U62/CCU024526-01 (PI, James Kiarie)                                                                                                9/30/04 - 3/31/10            
USD 1 678 700              
Capacity Building in the implementation of a comprehensive program to prevent mother to child HIV transmission at the University of Nairobi teaching hospitals. The overall goal of this program is  to create a sustainable and quality PMTCT program in Kenyatta National Hospital and Pumwani Maternity  Hospital that is  be a national model for service provision and training.  
Role: Senior Technical advisor in charge of program implementation, coordination , performance management and quality improvement

CDC –U62/CCU024526-01 (PI, James Kiarie)                                                                                                9/30/04 - 3/31/10            
USD 1 500 000             
Impact evaluation of the Kenya National PMTCT program. The study aims to determine the extent to which the PMTCT program in Kenya in Kenya is meeting its aims of preventing transmission from infected Mothers to their infants, preventing unwanted pregnancy among HIV positive women, preventing HIV infection among young women and linking HIV infected women, their infants and families to long term care and support
Role: Co-investigator in charge of study coordination and implementation

EGPAF-Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (PI, John Ong’ech)         2008-2010
Operations Research Grant award                                                       USD 250,000
The study investigated the Provision of services and care for HIV exposed infants; A comparison of the maternal and child health(MCH) clinic and the comprehensive care clinic (CCC) models.
Role: Principal investigator

IPAS-Private funding  (PI, John Ong’ech)                                            2008
                                                                                                               USD 200,000
The study evaluated the status of Misoprostol drug in Kenya
Funded through  National Health and Development Organization (NAHEDO)


Role; Principal investigator

CDC –U62/CCU024526-01 (PI, James Kiarie)                                                                                                9/30/07 - 3/31/09            
USD 500,000
Effectiveness of non-nucleoside reverse-transcriptase–based antiretroviral therapy in women previously exposed to a single dose of Nevirapine in pregnancy; a multi-country prospective cohort study
Role: Co investigator

CDC –U62/CCU024526-01 (PI, James Kiarie)                                                                                                9/30/07 - 3/31/09
                                                                                                          USD 250,000             
How late is too late?  Timeliness to scheduled visit as an anti-retroviral therapy adherence measure in Nairobi, Kenya and Lusaka, Zambia. 
Role: Co Investigator

CDC - program announcement 02074 (PI, Ruth Nduati)                                  9/1/02 – 09/30/08                                      
Impact of HAART on MTCT and Mothers' Health                        USD 2 000 000
This study aimed to determine whether providing women with anti-retroviral therapy during breastfeeding protected their babies from HIV infection.  Nested within it was a study to describe the impact of HAART on quality and quantity of passive immunity conferred on the infant.
Role: Co investigator

Selected Publications Peer reviewed Journals

  1. Laura FERGUSON, Alison D. GRANT, Deborah WATSON-JONES, Tanya KAHAWITA, John O. ONG’ECH, David A. ROSS ; Linking Women who Test HIV-Positive in Pregnancy-Related Services to Long-Term HIV Care and Treatment Services: A Systematic Review;Tropical Medicine & International Health;2012;17(5);564-580
  1. Laura FERGUSON, Alison D. GRANT, John O. ONG’ECH, Sophie VUSHA, Deborah WATSON-JONES, David A. ROSS; Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV – Understanding Reported Coverage of Maternal Antiretroviral Prophylaxis and Vertical Transmission Rates ; British Medical Journal, Sex Trans Infect  2012;88;120-124
  1. Laura Ferguson, James Lewis, Alison D Grant, Deborah Watson-Jones, Sophie Vusha, John O Ong’ech, David A Ross; Patient attrition between diagnosis with HIV in pregnancy-related services and long-term HIV care and treatment services in Kenya: A retrospective study;

J Acquir Immune DeficSyndr2012;60: e90-97.

  1. R.J.Kosgei ,P.M Ndavi, J.Ong’echetal  Symptom screen; diagnostic usefulness in detecting pulmonary tuberculosis in HIV infected pregnant women in Kenya . Public Health action; 2011;http//
  1. Dao CN, Peters PJ, Kiarie JN, Zulu I, Muiruri P, Ong'ech J,Mutsotso W, Potter D, Njobvu L, Stringer JS, Borkowf CB, Bolu O, Weidle PJ. Hyponatremia, hypochloremia, and hypoalbuminemia predict an increased risk of mortality during the first year of antiretroviral therapy among HIV-infected Zambian and Kenyan women. AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses 2011;27:1-8.
  1. Ong’echJO, Hoffman HJ, Kose J, Audo M, Matu L, Savosnick P, Guay L. Provision of Services and Care for HIV-Exposed Infants: A Comparison of Maternal and Child Health Clinic and HIV Comprehensive Care Clinic Models. J Acquir Immune DeficSyndr. 2012 Sep 1;61(1):83-9.
  1. Blacher RJ, Muiruri P, Njobvu L, Mutsotso W, Potter D, Ong'ech J, Mwai P, Degroot A, Zulu I, Bolu O, Stringer J, Kiarie J, Weidle PJ. How late is too late? Timeliness to scheduled visits as an antiretroviral therapy adherence measure in Nairobi, Kenya and Lusaka, Zambia.AIDS Care 2010;22(11):1323-31.
  1. Stringer JS, McConnell MS, Kiarie J, Bolu O, Anekthananon T, Jariyasethpong T, Potter D, Mutsotso W, Borkowf CB, Mbori-Ngacha D, Muiruri P, Ong'ech JO, Zulu I, Njobvu L, Jetsawang B, Pathak S, Bulterys M, Shaffer N, Weidle PJ. Effectiveness of non-nucleoside reverse-transcriptase inhibitor-based antiretroviral therapy in women previously exposed to a single intrapartum dose of nevirapine: a multi-country, prospective cohort study. PLoS Med 2010;7(2):e1000233.
  1. Beard JH, Ndegwa S, Farquhar C, Ong’ech JO, Govedi F, Kiarie JN. Mode of delivery decisions among HIV infected mothers at an urban maternity hospital in Kenya.  East Afr Med J 2010;87(1):14-19
  2. Judith Kose, John Ongech, Peter Savosnick ;2010; Using Laboratory Networks to increase access to Pediatric HIV Care and Treatment;  HabanaHaba Technical bulletin 2010 March vol.1 issue 3;13/20
  1. Ong’ech J, Omondi-Ogutu O, Machoki M, Khisa W, Kiare J.   Knowledge, attitude and practice on perinatal HIV transmission and preventive measures among antenatal mothers at Kenyatta National hospital, Kenya. J ObsGynae East Central Afr 2005;19:1-11.
  1. Ong’ech J, Omondi-Ogutu O, Machoki M, Khisa W, Orero SO. Post abortion care services at Kenyatta National hospital, Kenya. J ObsGynae East Central Afr2005;18:98-106.


International conference Abstracts/presentations/posters

  1. Ong’ech J, Oyieke J, Gachoki A, Machoki J, Mbori-Ngacha D, Kiarie J. Prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV; a multi-pronged testing approach to improve program effectiveness in Kenyatta National teaching and referral hospital. Abstract  presented at XV International AIDS Conference, Bangkok, Thailand, 2004.
  2. Ferguson L, Kielmann K, Grant A, Watson-Jones D, Vusha S, Ong’ech J, Ross D. Reasons underlying client attrition between testing HIV positive in antenatal and delivery services and accessing HIV care and treatment services in Kenya. Abstract presented at 6th International AIDS Society Conference, Rome, Italy, July 2011.
  3. Ferguson L, Grant A, Ong'ech J, Kielmann K, Watson-Jones D, Ross D. Linking women who test HIV positive in maternity services to HIV care and treatment services in Kenya: missed opportunities. Abstract No. WEPDE105 presented at 18th International AIDS Conference, Vienna, Austria,18-23 July 2010. John Odero Ong’ech
  1. John Odero Ong’ech; Maximizing reproductive possibilities and choices for women living with HIV –
    pre-conception care and the prevention of unintended pregnancies, Oral Presentation at XIX International AIDS Conference in Washington, D.C., USA  25th July 2012
  2. Books and Manuals  development

2006; Community Facility linkages Manual(GIPA)-University of Nairobi Publication
Role; Lead author
2007. Essential Obstetric Manual;  Ministry of health  and Population council publication; Role ; Author of Chapter in HIV

2008. Kenya PMTCT National Guidelines ; NASCOP publication; Role ; Contributor

 2009.  Kenya PMTCT National Training curriculum;;  NASCOP publication; Role-Contributor



2003; University of Nairobi-CDC-Kenya; Designed PMTCT Training package for Intrapartum HIV testing, trained health care workers and implemented the first Intrapartum testing for PMTCT program in Africa

2004;Intrahealth international-Kenya(USAID funding); Designed PMTCT training package for private sector, trained health care workers and initiated the first PMTCT program in private sector in Kenya

2004; Intrahealth International  –Ethiopia(USAID funding); Designed the PMTCT training package  for National Master Trainers, trained the first  PMTCT  National Master Trainers for Ethiopia. Monitored the cascade of trainings in the region

2005; KCMC/EGPAF-Tanzania- Design PMTCT training package for Intrapartum HIV testing, trained staff, mentored them and initiated the first PMTCT Intrapartum HIV testing program in Tanzania at KCMC in Moshi

2008   HLSP(UNICEF Kenya funding); Evaluation of the safe motherhood project in Kenya

2009   USAID AIDS Population H ealth Integrated Assistance (APHIA)  II E;  Mid term project evaluation(HIV/AIDS,  PMTCT,Reproductive health, TB, Malaria and MCH services project)

2009  International HIV alliance-Government of Sothern Sudan(GOSS)- PMTCT project- Adapting PMTCT training materials in the GOSS context using the first PMTCT national guidelines for Southern Sudan, training health workers in Juba (from several states) and Wau (from several states), providing technical support in implementation and supervision in several PMTCT sites in Southern Sudan.

2010.  UNICEF Southern Sudan -Government of Southern Sudan- UNICEF Southern Sudan consultant;
-Developed the country first  PMTCT training package and the Country National PMTCT guidelines and strategic framework .
-Lead consultant in adapting the WHO 2009 PMTCT and ART guidelines  in the Southern Sudan Context
-Trained  Master National PMTCT Trainers for all the states

2010.  Somali- UNICEF Somali Consultant- Developed the country PMTCT policy , clinical guidelines, Training package, implementation plan , Monitoring and Evaluation Tools for the republic of Somalia

2010.  UNAIDS-Kenya Government –UNAIDS Kenya Consultant forKenya  Universal Access Report development

2010.  UNAIDS-Kenya Government- UNAIDS/TSF Consultant for developing  2010 Kenya HIV/AIDS  epidemic update

2010 .  FHI-Kenya Government- FHI Consultant for developing minimum package for HIV-Reproductive Health integration for the Republic of Kenya

2010. CDC-Government of Kenya, Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation – Consultant for updating Kenya National PMTCT guidelines and Training curriculum

2010; CAFS-TSF-IGAD Inter Governmental Authority Development-CAFS-
Consultant for capacity building on HIV-ART Protocol harmonization for East and Central Africa

2010. AB2000-NACCTOWA project- Capacity building for PMTCT Psychosocial support group, GIPA and quality assurance

2011 CAFS-NACC Kenya- Consultant  for developing training Curriculum on GIPA and conducted Trainings  targeting all key stakeholders in Kenya

2011. Tanzania- UNAIDS/UNICEF/TSF-Consultant for developing national guidelines for elimination of mother to child transmission of HIV for the United Republic of Tanzania

2011. Kenya Government-MSH consultant for developing devolved structure for reproductive Health for the republic of Kenya



2009     US Embassy, Kenya, Alumni of the Month of Mach 2009

  1. WHO Implementing Best Practice Initiative in Reproductive Health in Africa- Grand prize award for best PMTCT Program and Poster Presentation; June 19-24 2004, Entebbe Uganda.
  1. Hubert Humphrey Alumni Impact Award ,Institute of International Education (IIE), Washington DC,USA – HIV/AIDS Prevention and stigma reduction project.

2001      Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Award from the US Department of