National Health and Development Organization

A leading organization in responding to training, research and development needs of the society

NAHEDO provides quality training and research  that positively impacts on quality health care, development, national health policy and planning.

Who We Are

National Health and Development Organization (NAHEDO) is an NGO formed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals comprising of medical specialists in psychiatry, psychiatric nursing, psychology, occupational therapists, HIV testing and Counselling experts in VCT and HTS.

Through the collaboration with local universities, and other strategic partners, NAHEDO is able to work with various organizations dealing in environmental health, public health, agriculture and livestock, community development and other related sectors. 

NAHEDO is registered to operate in Nyanza, Eastern, Western and Nairobi counties in Kenya.


To become a leading organization in responding to health, research, training and development needs aimed at improving the quality of life of individuals.


To provide quality training and research in health care that will positively impact on quality health care, development, national, health policy and planning. 

Objectives of NAHEDO

  1. To build capacity to health care providers in mental health and related fields.
  2. To participate in research in mental health and related medical conditions. 
  3. To promote knowledge through research in various institutions, hospitals and community.
  4. To participate in development projects targeting the community and vulnerable members of society.
  5. To partner with institutions who will work together with us to achieve our objectives. 
  6. To provide consultancy services for various organizations in mental health related projects
Community training
Community Health Training in Homabay


Peer Education for Community Health Care Training

NAHEDO in conjunction with Walter Reed Foundation and CDC trained over 25 Health Care Workers and peer educators from the Kenya Defense Armed Forces (KDF), on home based care for HIV infected and affected.

In conjunction with Kenya Pediatrics Association, NAHEDO trained 300 health care workers on stigma reduction in relation to HIV and related illnesses, and Provider Initiated Counseling and Testing in HIV management.

NAHEDO bamboo
Bamboo Value Addition by Rayier Group Training Coutesy of KEFRI


Supporting Sustainable Agribusiness

NAHEDO in partnership with Modi Forest Acacia Homes Ltd (MFAHL) and other stakeholders have been promoting reforestation, sensitizing and mobilizing community members in Central Kabuoch location, Maram Center to plant trees and protect the environment. Subsequent to this 50,000 seedlings have been given out to community members.

We have also been economically empowering members of Rayier Women Group through training, financing sustainable agribusiness activities and supporting table banking. We have together established a bamboo forest and are making value added bamboo products for sale  

Slum in Nairobi


Research in reproductive health issues and assessing sexual risk behaviors among Kenyan young adults in urban slums

NAHEDO participated in research in partnership with IPAS Kenya to establish the use or misuse of abortifacient in Nairobi. NAHEDO, in conjunction with The World Health Organization, WHO has been doing research on: –

Currently NAHEDO is in the process of doing a phase 3 intervention study on “enhanced economic empowerment initiatives for HIV prevention among youth living in the urban slums of Kenya” funded by Johns Hopkins University, Public Health Department, USA