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One of NAHEDO’s key research areas is Reproductive Health Research. We have worked with many government, non-governmental organizations and universities in research projects on community reproductive health. 

In 2007/2008 NAHEDO participated in research in partnership with IPAS Kenya to establish the use or misuse of abortifacient in Nairobi. 

In 2011 /2012 NAHEDO has been doing research in conjunction with The World Health Organization (WHO). NAHEDO collaborated with WHO to conduct further in depth analysis of the study data with a view to assessing the effectiveness of training pharmacists and pharmacy workers. Previous research conducted in Nairobi indicated that 74% of pharmacist responders had women come to them to make inquiries regarding termination of pregnancy and 41.5 % of pharmacies had misoprostol available for sale in the pharmacy. It was concluded that Pharmacists are therefore an important source of information and distribution of misoprostol in the country. The aim of this project was to assess the feasibility of enhancing the capacity of Pharmacists and Pharmacy workers to offer correct information and make appropriate referrals on MPAC and contraceptive services.

The principal investigator was Dr John Ong’ech and the study was titled “Enhancing the capacity of Pharmacists and Pharmacy workers to offer information and referral services on misoprotol for use in post abortion care to clients in informal and low income settlements in Nairobi, Kenya”

In 2013 NAHEDO coordinated a two-day international knowledge translation workshop on research and shared experiences on medical abortion supported by World Health Organization (WHO). 

Currently NAHEDO is in the process of doing a phase 3 intervention study on “enhanced economic empowerment initiatives for HIV prevention among youth living in the urban slums of Kenya” funded by Johns Hopkins University, Public Health Department, USA. Below are our most recent publications. 


Lessons learned from using respondent-driven sampling (RDS) to assess sexual risk behaviors among Kenyan young adults living in urban slum settlements: A process evaluation.
Awareness of and willingness to use oral HIV self-test kits among Kenyan young adults living in informal urban settlements: a cross-sectional survey.
Mobile phone access, willingness, and usage for HIV-related services among young adults living in informal urban settlements in Kenya: A cross-sectional analysis.

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