National Health and Development Organization

Our Team

Dency Obiero

Program Manager

Degree: BSc.

Field of Study: Meteorology

University of Nairobi – College of Biological and Physical Sciences, 2017

Certificate: Grants

Field of Study: Grant Management

American Grant Writers Association (AGWA), 2020


Dency Achieng is a Meteorologist with a specialization in Agro-meteorology and Program Administration. 

In 2017, she worked as a Scientific Intern Officer for Kenya Meteorological Services where she was mainly tasked with receiving articles related to meteorology and climate through the Society’s website, working with the Chief Editor to publish journals in The Journal of Meteorology and Related Sciences (JMRS) and The Journal of Climate Change and Sustainability (JCCS). She has also worked with rural communities in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda in championing environmental management. 

Since the year 2019 to date, she has worked with National Health and Development Organization, NAHEDO, as the Program Administrator. Through NAHEDO she has also ideated, formulated, monitored and evaluated projects for MFAHL & Rayier Group which are collaborating partners of NAHEDO. Among the projects she has helped ideate include Stingless bee farming and Black Soldier Fly farming by MFAHL farm.


Community Empowerment
Dency has been working with and training self-help women groups in the Homabay County in Kenya for example she has been intensively working with the Rayier Self-help Group in the following areas.

  1. Successfully sourcing funds for the group (grants and loans) – Women Enterprise Fund (WEF) and grants from
    Osogo Foundation.
  2. Training the women group on basic book keeping for their small businesses.
  3. Working together with the women to come up with appropriate agribusiness projects. So far she has worked to establish these projects together with the women – successful projects include garlic farming, watermelon farming, local vegetables, bamboo value addition, tree nursery projects; see more about these projects here.
  4. Organizing different trainings for the self-help group – agribusiness training, trainings on bamboo value addition, tree seedling projects and many others.
  5. Team building activities to social wellbeing of the communities.