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Joel Masawi

Spiritual Therapist and Chaplancy

Joel Masawi is a spiritual therapist and counsellor in Oasis Speciality Hospital. Joel has worked at Oasis hospital for the past two years doing inner healing to both inpatients and outpatients, and also on alcoholism and other mental issues that need spiritual inner healing. Spiritual therapy and inner healing works together with medical, psychiatric, to supplement each other in this journey of healing our dear ones, rather than oppose each other.

Healing these disorders must be a joint effort for all spiritual therapy is a form of counselling based on belief and faith in God or higher power. It explores individual spirituality to examine areas of conflict in life. It addresses mental health concerns since man is made of mind, body, soul and spirit. It helps to treat a person’s soul [emotions and thoughts] resulting in healthy body, mind and spirit.

Inner healing in spirituality involves inner healing of memories in which the person/patient is cured of psychological sicknesses caused by emotional hurts or deprivation of love in the past.

Inner healing fits in well in the general spirituality which is one of peace and joy. This promotes wholeness and health of body, mind and spirit both in the individual and the community.